Councilmember Keith Blocker announces his bid for re-election to the Tacoma City Council. Blocker, 37, represents Council District 3, covering the Hilltop, Central Tacoma and parts of South Tacoma.

Blocker’s passion for community building and advocacy started as a child growing up in poverty in Philadelphia. While his mother struggled with addiction, his family often lived in shelters or in the homes of various family members. “Those days were hard but they shape my advocacy for the people of District 3,” Blocker said.

Seeking a fresh start, Blocker moved to Tacoma and was diagnosed as legally blind soon after. Determined to succeed, Blocker used visual aids to study and worked part-time jobs while he attended Tacoma Community College, later graduating from the University of Puget Sound in 2012.

Blocker is excited about what Tacoma has accomplished in the last three years. The city has invested more resources to support individuals and families experiencing homelessness. There are now stronger tenant protections, more police officers and fire fighters have been hired, city streets are being repaired and the city has established an immigrant legal defense fund. Blocker shares, “I will continue to work hard for the residents within District 3 because I recognize that we need more good-paying jobs, more housing that our residents can afford, and additional support to our homeless neighbors. That’s why I’m running again -and I don’t give up.”

Blocker is endorsed for re-election by Mayor Woodards, the entire City Council, Congressman Derek Kilmer, State Rep Laurie Jinkins and many more.

Keith and his wife Christina reside in the Hilltop neighborhood with their two young sons.

For more information, please contact:

Committee to Elect Keith Blocker
PO Box 1068
Tacoma, WA 98402